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Mint Tea Drink with yuzu & rosemary

Østerberg tea drinks are based on high quality, cold brewed tea which have been paired with complementing flavour no¬tes of fruit juice and spices.
They are 100% natural and only sweetened with fruit juice – they contain no added sugars and are generally low in sweetness.
The tea drinks are developed to be a sophisticated addition to the café or dining experience and are a perfect substitute for a generic soft drink or alcohol.

The Østerberg mint tea drink is fresh with notes of yuzu and rosemary. Cold brewed mint leaves give this tea drink a fresh and green taste, while rosemary and yuzu juice adds a fragrant and aromatic quality. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit known for its aromatic and acidic profile.


Østerberg’s soda waters are 100% natural & organic, made with a high fruit content and no added sugars – only sweetened with fruit juice.
The soda waters offer a fresh and fruity taste experience and explores a world of flavour palates. The flavours range from Nordic fruits like rhubarb and elderflower to Asian fruits like ginger and passion fruit.
Østerberg’s refreshing soda waters are the perfect addition to the café table or your fridge at home.

With its acidic and slightly green flavour, Rhubarb has become a popular ingredient in the Nordic cuisine within the last couple of years. The Østerberg sparkling rhubarb soda is a refreshing and elegantly tasting soda water with intense and balanced flavour notes – containing a spectacular 85% fruit.

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